COVID-19 Update: Free Access to WileyPLUS Assessment*

Amongst the many challenges of having to take your course online because of COVID-19, one of the biggest concerns for instructors is how to deliver assessment to students.

As a leader in online learning, Wiley would like to do our part in supporting universities by offering free access to WileyPLUS Assessment for Semester 1, 2020.

*WileyPLUS Assessment is only available for a select list of courses


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WileyPLUS Assessment is full of benefits and features to get your course online

Algorithmic questions

For exam integrity, many of the questions in WileyPLUS are available as algorithmic questions where values are randomised for each student or each attempt at a question. This cannot be done in an LMS.

Upload content

Have all your assessment content in one place – if you have your own questions you’d like to include in your course, WileyPLUS gives you the opportunity to upload it onto the platform for students to access.

Question pools

WileyPLUS offers a range of question pools, including multiple choice, drop down, fill in the blank as well as comprehensive data set questions containing a significant amount of context for the data set, to provide a case study type scenario. This ensures that students always get randomised questions.

Customisable assessment policies

When you assign an assessment to a student, you have the flexibility to decide what and when things become available to your student, and to set time limits and change mark weighting. The range of policies and settings available for WileyPLUS assignments let you create the type of assignments that suit you best: practice, graded or a mixture of both!

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