Institutional Inclusive Access Solutions

Partner with Wiley to provide each and every student with seamless access
to an outstanding learning experience, right from the first day of class.


94.4% of surveyed students in Australia and New Zealand believe there would be huge positive impacts on their learning outcomes if institutions covered the cost of prescribed learning resources.


Inclusive access purchasing models enable the best possible conditions for students to start early, get help and stay on track, especially for those with the strongest need for guidance and structure in their studies.


Not only does this model lower student costs, but a lift of just 1% in student retention can also save the university millions of dollars to fuel research and improve the learning and teaching experience.

Leaving it up to chance does not work.

Access to learning materials matters.

Students and instructors say it matters. Research proves that it matters.

Yet the majority of students don’t purchase the required textbooks for their course, resulting in a lack of preparedness and engagement in their studies. The outcomes are particularly poorest for non-traditional students and those lacking self-motivation.


of students delayed or skipped purchasing course materials due to financial constraints or poor short-term decision-making, inhibiting their ability to succeed.

Inclusive access can benefit students, lecturers and universities

Equal access

All students are given free access to the prescribed learning resources they need – the playing field is levelled right from the start.

Peace of mind

Help your students overcome financial barriers and let them focus on learning and achieving better grades.

Quality content

Our higher education resources are authored by leading academics in collaboration with expert practitioners in the region.

Boost engagement

Deep integration of highly engaging, interactive materials helps deepen students’ interest and minimise disruption to learning.

Personalised learning

Wiley’s learning technology makes learning more visible, personalised and social for all students, especially those with the strongest need for guidance.

Visible progress

Powerful real-time insights into all students’ behaviour, understanding and cognition help instructors teach better and intervene at the right moment.

Dedicated support

Wiley provides implementation, training and ongoing support delivered by a dedicated team of local specialists to help you make the most of your investment.

Improved results

Knowing all students have the same resource, instructors can fully embrace e-learning innovations to deliver a consistent and effective blended learning experience.

We tailor a solution that is right for you

 There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to enabling student success. Wiley partners with faculties to plan and implement inclusive access models that meet your teaching goals and budget. Talk to us today to explore what’s possible.

UQ_Wiley inclusive access

Taking the course online at the University of Queensland

The University of Queensland’s Faculty of Business and Economics collaborates with Wiley to transform a first-year course into a unique, engaging and scalable online learning experience. Access to WileyPLUS with ORION adaptive practice is made freely available to all students enrolled in the course.

WSU_Wiley inclusive access

Institution-wide inclusive access at Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University (WSU) provides free access to digital textbooks for more than 10,000 new undergraduate students, an initiative aimed at boosting student performance and retention. More than 20 of Wiley’s higher education titles are made available via the university’s online library through ProQuest.


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