Work in the 21st Century: An Introduction to Industrial and Organisational Psychology, 6th Australia & New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9781119571827

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The sixth edition of Landy’s Work in the 21st Century: An Introduction to Industrial and Organisational Psychology, ties together themes such as diversity, mental and physical ability, personality, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and evidence-based I-O psychology in a way that explores the rich and intriguing nature of the modern workplace. This edition places an emphasis on the technological and multicultural dynamics of today’s workplace. This edition retains the 14-chapter format and the 4-color design, which brings I-O psychology to life, especially with the use of newsworthy color photographs.

The edition explores new topics that include green behaviours, job embeddedness, incivility at work, mindfulness interventions and abusive supervision. It also brings updates to every chapter, including new or expanded coverage of topics such as emotional intelligence, recommendation letters, adaptive performance, electronic performance monitoring, performance management systems, high performance work practices, social networking and the workplace, corporate universities, and the factors that influence innovation in teams.


  • Modular approach: The textbook features self-contained sections (3-5) within chapters for maximum teaching flexibility. Each module ends with point summaries and key terms.
  • Cutting-edge topics and research coverage: Includes the Five Factor Model of Personality, emotional intelligence, culture and emotions, genetics and job satisfaction, achieving balance between work and non-work, bullying, measuring motivation, integrity testing, entrepreneurship, computer-based assessment, male vs. female leaders, cross cultural teams, and more.
  • Emphasis on critical thinking: One of the goals of this book is to show how many of the broad principles of I-O psychology can be applied in situations at work. Thus, the book emphasises critical thinking, and the Instructor’s Manual includes critical thinking questions that can be used inside or outside of class to help students to think about situations in the workplace and apply the principles and concepts they’ve learned.
  • Case Studies and Boxes provide concrete, contemporary examples of the issues involved in work and behavior in various applied settings.
  • Clear, articulate explanations: The clear prose and interesting examples make the book accessible to a wide range of students.
Frank J. Landy
Jeffrey M. Conte

Chapter 1. What is industrial and organisational psychology?

Chapter 2. Methods and statistics in I-O Psychology


Chapter 3. Individual differences and assessment

Chapter 4. Job analysis and performance

Chapter 5. Performance measurement

Chapter 6. Staffing decisions

Chapter 7. Training and development


Chapter 8. The motivation to work

Chapter 9. Attitudes, emotions and work

Chapter 10. Stress and worker well-being

Chapter 11. Fairness, justice and diversity in the workplace

Chapter 12. Leadership

Chapter 13. Teams in organisations

Chapter 14. Organisational theory, dynamics and change

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