Western Civilizations: Their History and Their Culture, 4th Edition (Combined Volume)

ISBN: 9780393289244

The most pedagogically innovative brief text—now connecting western civilizations to broader global contexts and students’ own experiences. Western Civilizations —written by two expert teachers—is the most pedagogically innovative text for the survey course. A carefully crafted text and media program empower students to master core content, engage in historical analysis, and think critically, and the Brief Fourth Edition has been substantially updated with the latest scholarship that connects the West to global contexts, as well as new “Past and Present” features that connect historical themes to contemporary topics.

Joshua Cole
Carol Symes
Chapter 1. Early Civilisations
Chapter 2. Peoples, Gods and Empires, 1700-500 B.C.E
Chapter 3. The Civilisation of Greece, 1000-400 B.C.E
Chapter 4. The Greek World Expands, 400-150 B.C.E
Chapter 5. The Civilisation of Ancient Rome
Chapter 6. The Transformation of Rome
Chapter 7. Rome’s Three Heirs, 500-950
Chapter 8. The Expansion of Europe, 950-1100
Chapter 9. The Consolidation of Europe, 1100-1250
Chapter 10. The Medieval World, 1250-1350
Chapter 11. Rebirth and Unrest, 1350-1453
Chapter 12. Innovation and Exploration, 1453-1533
Chapter 13. The Age of Dissent and Division, 1500-1564
Chapter 14. Europe in the Atlantic World, 1550-1660
Chapter 15. European Monarchies and Absolutism, 1660-1725
Chapter 16. The New Science of the Seventeenth Century
Chapter 17. Europe During the Enlightenment
Chapter 18. The French Revolution
Chapter 19. The Industrial Revolution and Nineteenth-Century Society
Chapter 20. The Age of Ideologies: Europe in the Aftermath of Revolution, 1815-1848
Chapter 21. Revolutions and Nation Building, 1848-1871
Chapter 22. Imperialism and Colonialism, 1870-1914
Chapter 23. Modern Industry and Mass Politics, 1870-1914
Chapter 24. The First World War
Chapter 25. Turmoil Between the Wars
Chapter 26. The Second World War
Chapter 27. The Cold War World: Global Politics, Economic Recovery and Cultural Change
Chapter 28. Red Flags and Velvet Revolutions: The End of the Cold War, 1960s-1990s
Chapter 29. A World Without Walls: Globalisation and the West
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E-Text: 9780393289244