University of Technology Sydney Accounting (Custom E-Text)

These custom E-Texts of Understanding Australian Accounting Standards and Company Accounting, 10th Edition contain the specific material you’ll need for your course.


Understanding Australian Accounting Standards
Janice Loftus, Ken Leo, Ruth Picker, Victoria Wise, Kerry Clark

Chapter 22. Operating segments
Chapter 23. Related party disclosures

Company Accounting, 10th Edition
Ken Leo, Jeffrey Knapp, Susan McGowan, John Sweeting

Chapter 1. Nature and regulation of companies
Chapter 3. Company operations
Chapter 4. Fundamental concepts of corporate governance
Chapter 6. Accounting for company income tax
Chapter 9. Property, plant and equipment
Chapter 12. Business combinations
Chapter 18. Consolidation: controlled entities
Chapter 19. Consolidation: wholly owned subsidiaries
Chapter 20. Consolidation: intragroup transactions
Chapter 21. Consolidation: non-controlling interest
Chapter 23. Associates and joint ventures
Chapter 24. Joint arrangements

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