Tourism Management, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781118644812, 9780730335580

Tourism Management, 5th Edition explains why innovative and adaptive management is required for success in the tourism industry. The book covers popular topics including: eco-tourism, tourism resilience and tourism research. With heaps of examples and case studies from the Asia-Pacific region, you will be sure to benefit from this text in your hospitality and tourism studies.


  • Current Australian and international examples and statistics.
  • Chapter on sustainable tourism including ecotourism, sustainable mass tourism and industry responses and practices.
  • Chapter review summarises the key points of each chapter and contains a summary of key concepts.
Associate Professor David Weaver employed as a Professor of Tourism Research at Griffith University (Australia) since 2008, has more than 30 years of experience teaching and researching in the areas of ecotourism, sustainable tourism, and destination management. He has held prior academic appointments in Australia (also Griffith University), Canada (University of Regina), and the USA (George Mason University & University of South Carolina), and during this time has authored or edited 10 books and written more than 100 refereed scientific journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Weaver is also the editor of the Encyclopedia of Ecotourism and sits on the editorial boards of seven academic journals. In 2009 he was elected as a Fellow in the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, the peak international body for tourism academics. In recent years he has been invited to deliver keynote addresses in Korea, South Africa, Russia, New Zealand, Norway and China, and has participated in consultancies in destinations as diverse as Thailand, Panama and Andorra. Dr. Weaver holds a prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant to investigate the willingness of protected area visitors in Australia to participate in activities that enhance the environmental condition of national parks.

Professor Laura Lawton is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management at Griffith University, Australia. She was formally the Program Director for the Master of Business Programs in the Department. Previously she held appointments at the University of South Carolina and George Mason University, USA. A/Professor Lawton has published numerous government reports, academic journal articles and book chapters in several areas, including protected areas, ecotourism, resident perceptions of tourism, and cruise ship tourism. In 2011, Laura was recognised in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research as one of the 50 most prolific tourism researchers in tourism and one of the top one 100 researchers published in the tourism and hospitality management over the last decade.

1. Introduction to tourism management
2. The tourism system
3. The evolution and growth of tourism
4. Destinations
5. The tourism product
6. Tourist markets
7. Tourism marketing
8. Economic impacts of tourism
9. Sociocultural and environmental impacts of tourism
10. Destination development
11. Sustainable tourism
12. Tourism research
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