The Personality Puzzle, 8th International Student Edition

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Current, Accessible, Engaging—the best learning tool for personality psychology

David Funder’s masterful writing, and his ability to explain important ideas and new research in a compelling way, make The Personality Puzzle the best learning tool for students—all at an affordable price. The Eighth Edition includes a new chapter on relationships and work, and new coverage of replication and open science issues.


  • Masterful explanations of contemporary research motivate students to learn: David Funder uses his masterful writing style to cover the latest research in personality psychology and help students see the relevance to their own lives. The Eighth Edition now includes a new chapter on relationships and work, and new important coverage of replication and open science issues. The chapters on relationships, work, and health (i.e., Part VII) show students how personality psychology can be applied to the real world.
David C. Funder
Chapter 1. The Study of the Person

Part I. The Science of Personality: Methods and Assessment
Chapter 2. Personality Research Methods
Chapter 3. Personality Assessment: Effect Size, Replicability, and Open Science

Part II. How People Differ: The Trait Approach
Chapter 4. Persons and Situations
Chapter 5. Personality Judgement
Chapter 6. Traits and Types: The Big Five and Beyond
Chapter 7. Personality Stability, Development, and Change

Part III. The Mind and the Body: Biological Approaches to Personality
Chapter 8. The Anatomy and Physiology of Personality
Chapter 9. Genetics and Evolution: The Inheritance of Personality

Part IV. The Hidden World of the Mind: The Psychoanalytic Approach
Chapter 10. Basics of Psychoanalysis
Chapter 11. Psychoanalysis after Freud: Neo-Freudians, Object Relations, and Current Research

Part V. Experience and Awareness: Humanistic and Cross-Cultural Psychology
Chapter 12. Humanistic Psychology, Positive Psychology, and the Science of Happiness
Chapter 13. Cultural Variation in Experience, Behavior, and Personality

Part VI. What Personality Does: Learning, Motivation, Emotion, and the Self
Chapter 14. Personality Processes: Learning, Motivation, Emotion, and Thinking
Chapter 15. The Self: What You Know about You

Part VII. Applications of Personality Psychology
Chapter 16. Relationships and Business
Chapter 17. Mental and Physical Health
Chapter 18. What Have We Learned?

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