The New Lawyer, 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781118540879

This book is written specifically for you, as a first-year law student. The New Lawyer, 1st Edition will outline what you should know, understand and be able to do after you have finished your first year of study. This Wiley book is written in an easy to read style, and comes with in-chapter exercises that will help you apply what you have learned in a practical context.


To further help you in your course, The New Lawyer comes with iStudy, an interactive study aid. iStudy has a number of interactive modules that include activities, to test your knowledge and aid in your understanding of the text. Best of all, iStudy is available on a range of operating systems, which means you can use it anytime, anywhere.


  • Legal Skill boxes in each chapter require you to ‘think’, ‘collaborate’, ‘rephrase’ or ‘research’ legal concepts.
  • Chapter vignettes ‘Law in the media’ and ‘Perspectives on the law’ connect legal theory to legal precedence and actual legal events.
  • Inclusion of law cases encourage deep learning and require you apply legal reasoning.
Nickolas James has won numerous teaching awards including the UQ Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004 and a National Carrick Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2007. He is the author of Business Law (published by Wiley) and Associate Editor of the Legal Education Review, and conducts research in the areas of legal education and critical legal theory. He is presently engaged in a research project investigating the teaching and assessment of legal reasoning skills.

Rachael Field has been teaching law at QUT since 1998. Her key teaching interests are in the first year experience and dispute resolution. She was a University Teaching Fellow for 2005, focusing on the development of blended models of teaching delivery. Rachael is currently co-Program Leader of the Scholarship of Higher Education Learning in Law and Justice Program in the faculty’s Law and Justice Research Centre, and is an ongoing member of the First Year in Higher Education Conference organising committee. She was awarded an ALTC teaching citation in 2008 and in 2010 contributed significantly to the drafting of the TLOs for law. Rachael has published widely in her areas of research interest: alternative dispute resolution, women and the law, restorative justice, family law and legal education.

1. The life of a lawyer
2. The basic concepts
3. The history of law
4. The Australian legal system
5. The sources of law in Australia

6. Legal research skills
7. Interpretation skills
8. Thinking skills
9. Communication and collaboration skills
10. Self management skills

11. Realistic
12. Committed to justice
13. Ethical
14. Globally minded

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