Systems Analysis and Design, 7th Edition

ISBN: 9781119496328

With the overarching goal of preparing the analysts of tomorrow, Systems Analysis and Design offers students a rigorous hands-on introduction to the field with a project-based approach that mirrors the real-world workflow. Core concepts are presented through running cases and examples, bolstered by in-depth explanations and special features that highlight critical points while emphasizing the process of “doing” alongside “learning.” As students apply their own work to real-world cases, they develop the essential skills and knowledge base a professional analyst needs while developing an instinct for approach, tools, and methods.

Accessible, engaging, and geared toward active learning, this book conveys both essential knowledge and the experience of developing and analyzing systems; with this strong foundation in SAD concepts and applications, students are equipped with a robust and relevant skill set that maps directly to real-world systems analysis projects.


  • Gives students hands-on experience with a project-based approach to systems analysis and design
  • Allows students to apply their own work to real-world examples, including running cases that serve as project templates for a hands-on learning experience
  • Progresses logically through each topic, presenting new material in a way that mirrors a professional analyst’s workflow
Alan Dennis
Barbara Haley Wixom
Roberta M. Roth
Part 1 Planning Phase

1 The Systems Analyst and Information Systems Development

2 Project Selection and Management

Part 2 Analysis Phase

3 Requirements Determination

4 Use Case Analysis

5 Process Modeling

6 Data Modeling

Part 3 Design Phase

7 Moving into Design

8 Architecture Design

9 User Interface Design

10 Program Design

11 Data Storage Design

Part 4 Implementation Phase

12 Moving into Implementation

13 Transition to the New System

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E-Text: 9781119496328
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