Strategic Management, Essentials Edition

ISBN: 9780730385769

With all the essentials of strategic management for time-poor students, Grant et al.’s Strategic Management, Essentials Edition is designed for modern day undergraduates and MBA students. This Essentials edition offers practical, current and real-world content to give you the best foundation to build your course upon.

Maintaining what academics and students know and love about previous editions of Grant et al.’s title, this resource uniquely caters to students in the APAC region, with an abundance of regional case studies, practical examples and revision exercises to cement learnings contextually.

This resource is designed to future-proof students by outlining fundamental strategic concepts and explaining how they can be applied in uncertain, dynamic environments – like today’s.


  • Unlike traditional strategic management texts, this resource addresses contemporary concepts including the circular economy, co-working spaces, online business ecosystems (e.g. Alibaba) and achieving competitive advantage through innovation.   
  • Updated APAC case studies, examples, industry insights make for a future facing, current resource.   
  • Unique to Wiley, our Future Skills Guide provides expert and practical advice on career preparedness making for more future-ready graduates.   
Robert Grant

Peter Murray

Stuart Orr

Bella Butler

Pieter-Jan Bezemer

Chapter 1. Strategic concepts and perspectives

Chapter 2. External and industry analysis

Chapter 3. Internal analysis of capabilities and core competencies

Chapter 4. The nature and sources of competitive advantage

Chapter 5. Business-level strategy and competitive positioning

Chapter 6. Corporate-level strategy

Chapter 7. Co-operative strategies and alliances

Chapter 8. Global strategies and the multinational corporation

Chapter 9. Strategic evaluation, implementation, structure and control

Chapter 10. Leading strategically and developing corporate culture

Chapter 11. Corporate governance and ethics

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Textbook: 9780730385769