Digital Bundle: Human Resource Management, 9th Edition

ISBN: 9780730335771

This latest edition of Human Resource Management, 9th Edition combines quality, trusted content from market leading HRM author Ray Stone with game-changing digital delivery. The WileyPLUS Learning Space interactive textbook is rich in original media such as practitioner videos, media excerpts, case studies and thought-leader interviews, designed to help you engage with and apply HRM concepts to real-world contexts.


Chapter 1 Nature and regulation of companies

Chapter 2 Financing company operations

Chapter 3 Company operations

Chapter 4 Fundamental concepts of corporate governance

Chapter 5 Fair value measurement

Chapter 6 Accounting for company income tax

Chapter 7 Financial instruments

Chapter 8 Foreign currency transactions and forward exchange contracts

Chapter 9 Property, plant and equipment

Chapter 10 Leases

Chapter 11 Intangible assets

Chapter 12 Business combinations

Chapter 13 Impairment of assets

Chapter 14 Disclosure: legal requirements and accounting policies

Chapter 15 Disclosure: presentation of financial statements

Chapter 16 Disclosure: statement of cash flows

Chapter 17 Translation of financial statements into a presentation currency

Chapter 18 Consolidation: controlled entities

Chapter 19 Consolidation: wholly owned subsidiaries

Chapter 20 Consolidation: intragroup transactions

Chapter 21 Consolidation: non-controlling interest

Chapter 22 Consolidation: other issues

Chapter 23 Associates and joint ventures

Chapter 24 Joint arrangements

Chapter 25 Insolvency and liquidation

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