Sports Station: A Computerised Accounting Practice Set Using MYOB AccountRight Plus Version 19

ISBN: 9781118439852

Sports Station is a computerised practice set using MYOB AccountRight Plus V19. This practice set is designed to give students experience in recording a variety of business transactions common to small businesses, so that they will gain an understanding of a computerised accounting system, how it operates, how to set up a data file and enter opening balances, how to record transactions, and how to produce useful reports. This ‘hands-on’ methodology reinforces the students’ understanding of accounting fundamentals typically encountered in practice, and is therefore, suitable for students undertaking a course in accounting or computer-based accounting information systems.

Completion of the practice set for a one month period, should ensure a greater appreciation of the following:

  • The steps in a typical accounting cycle for a small business
  • The use of subsidiary ledgers
  • The perpetual inventory system
  • Balance day adjustments
  • The bank account reconciliation
  • How the accounting cycle culminates in the preparation of financial statements
  • How GST is recorded and the effect it has on transactions
  • The variety of source documents, and
  • How to extract information from source documents to record transactions


  • Students will set up a data file for a company and process transactions for one month.
  • An overview of the MYOB Command Centres is provided.
  • The transactions for period 1 are demonstrated in Chapter 4 with step-by-step instructions and screen shots of relevant windows, so that students can compare their screens against the screen shots before recording the entry or moving to the next step.
Wendy Pabst
Brian Perrin
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Guided tour of MYOB
Chapter 3. Setting up the data file
Chapter 4. Entering transactions for period 1
Chapter 5. Reports
Chapter 6. Completing the practice set
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Textbook: 9781118439852