Social Psychology, 5th International Student Edition

ISBN: 9780393667745

An award-winning author team challenges students to think critically about the concepts, controversies, and applications of social psychology using abundant tools, both in text and online. (NEW) infographics examine important topics like social class, social media effects, and research methodology. InQuizitive online assessment reinforces fundamental concepts, and PowerPoints, test questions, and (NEW) Concept Videos, will help you create the best course materials in the shortest amount of time. A critical thinking approach emphasizing science and applications.


  • Encourages students to think critically and apply what they learn: Critical thinking and real-world application are important skills for the students in this course. This text reinforces these skills throughout each chapter from start to finish. NEW infographics ask students to take a closer look at engaging data, and “Focus On” features highlight the applications of social psychology findings to real-life situations.
  • Helps students understand the science of the field: An award-winning author team wrote the first research-based approach to social psychology. Every chapter showcases the empirical basis of social psychology concepts. It is important for students taking this course to realize that the concepts they learn are verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic.
Tom Gilovich
Dacher Keltner
Serena Chen
Richard E Nisbett
Chapter 1. An Invitation to Social Psychology
Chapter 2. The Methods of Social Psychology
Chapter 3. The Social Self
Chapter 4. Social Cognition: Thinking about People and Situations
Chapter 5. Social Attribution: Explaining Behaviour
Chapter 6. Emotion
Chapter 7. Attitudes, Behaviour, and Rationalisation
Chapter 8. Persuasion
Chapter 9. Social Influence
Chapter 10. Relationships and Attraction
Chapter 11. Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination
Chapter 12. Groups
Chapter 13. Aggression
Chapter 14. Altruism and Cooperation
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