Psychological Science, 6th International Student Edition

ISBN: 9780393644548

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The best presentation of the science and applications of psychology.

Drawing on teaching and learning research, the Sixth Edition provides new tools to improve students’ reading, focus and self-assessment. Chapters are now divided into brief “study units”, each of which concludes with a self-test question to increase comprehension. NEW “Putting Psychology to Work” features show students how to apply psychology concepts to future careers. Our formative, adaptive learning tool, InQuizitive, available with our print textbook, and our online psychology labs, ZAPS 2.0, provide a hands-on approach to assessing students’ understanding.


  • Scientific. Thought-provoking. Applied: The text reflects three foundational goals: 1) to present psychology as a research-based science; 2) to help students become better critical and scientific thinkers; and 3) to show students how course concepts apply to daily life and future careers.
  • A research-supported approach helps you learn: Students comprehend material better when it’s broken into shorter study units. In the Sixth Edition, each chapter is divided into a series of 16–18 NEW study units. Each unit focuses on key concepts and ends with a red “Q” question for self-assessment. Comprehension is further reinforced through our formative, adaptive learning tool, InQuizitive, which uses research-proven gaming techniques to engage students in the learning process.
  • Dynamic and flexible teaching tools: The Sixth Edition is supported by a robust suite of digital teaching tools, including an Interactive Instructor’s Guide; a test bank that is tagged to APA learning goals; and a NEW online assignment platform, Prospero, that facilitates integration of Norton’s book and media content with your own course materials.
Michael Gazzaniga
Chapter 1. The science of psychology
Chapter 2. Research methodology
Chapter 3. Biology and behaviour
Chapter 4. Consciousness
Chapter 5. Sensation and perception
Chapter 6. Learning
Chapter 7. Memory
Chapter 8. Thinking, language and intelligence
Chapter 9. Human development
Chapter 10. Emotion and motivation
Chapter 11. Health and wellbeing
Chapter 12. Social psychology
Chapter 13. Personality
Chapter 14. Psychological disorders
Chapter 15. Treatment of psychological disorders
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