Project Management in Practice, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781118674666

Offering streamlined coverage with an applied approach, Project Management in Practice, 5th Edition focuses on the essentials of project management. This concise, hands-on text is ideal for a one semester project management course, or as a module on project management. This textbook is organized around the project management life cycle, and provides students with essential project management concepts while addressing an important area of industry growth: the use of projects to achieve the strategic goals of organizations.


  • Addresses the newest version of Crystal Ball 11.1.
  • Expanded references to locations in PMBOK® that discuss the topic at hand for those who are also studying for the Project Management Professional® (PMP) or other certification exams offered by the Project Management Institute.
  • To improve the student’s perspective as a project manager in practice, the authors describe the role as constantly making trade-offs between the three main goals of scope, time, and cost but also risk and ancillary goals such as organizational improvement, strategic goals, and future opportunities. New icons in the book’s margins call out where important discussions on these topics appear.
  • The authors added a large number of additional problems and mini-cases to the 5th Edition of the text.
Jack R. Meredith
Wake Forest University

Samuel J. Mantel Jr.
University of Cincinnati

Scott M. Shafer
Wake Forest University

Margaret M. Sutton
Project Management Consultant

1. The World of Project Management
2. The Manager, the Organization, and the Team
3. Project Activity and Risk Planning
4. Budgeting the Project
5. Scheduling the Project
6. Allocating Resources to the Project
7. Monitoring and Controlling the Project
8. Evaluating and Terminating the Project
Appendix: Probability and Statistics
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