Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 9th Edition

ISBN: 9781118947029

Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 9th Edition has been designed to put you in the managers seat, with content constructed in a way that guides you step-by-step through what is required to successfully manage projects. Experienced authors Meredith, Mantel and Shafer have addressed the topic of project management from the perspective of what the project manager will encounter both chronologically during the “life cycle” of the project, as well as practically in the sense of what the project manager needs to know and why.


The new edition addresses the basic nature of managing a wide range of projects including public, business, engineering and information systems. With this resource you will finish your unit knowing the specific techniques and insights that you will be required to know for selecting, initiating, executing and evaluating any type of project you might encounter in your future career.

It discusses the demands made on the project manager and the nature of the manager’s interaction with the rest of the parent organisation. Also covering what challenges you may encounter when conducting a project with people and organisations from different cultures and that may be separated by geographical location. Finally, it also covers the issues that may arise when the decision is made to terminate a project.

The Project Life Cycle remains the primary organisational guideline of the textbook – split into 3 main parts – Part I: Project Initiation, Part II: Project Planning, and Project III: Project Execution.


  • Scott Shafer has joined the author team, bringing a wealth of knowledge about simulation, team processes, and PMBOK standards to the book.
  • PMBOK Coverage is increased and aligns with the 5th edition (2013) of Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK® in multiple ways.
  • Additional Materials in areas concerning strategic projects.
Jack R. Meredith
University of Cincinnati

Samuel J. Mantel, Jr.
University of Cincinnati

Scott M. Shafer
Wake Forest University

1. Projects in Contemporary Organizations
2. Strategic Management and Project Selection
3. The Project Manager
4. Managing Conflict and the Art of Negotiation
5. The Project in the Organizational Structure
6. Project Activity and Risk Planning
7. Budgeting: Estimating Costs and Risks
8. Scheduling
9. Resource Allocation
10. Monitoring and Information Systems
11. Project Control
12. Project Auditing
13. Project Termination
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