Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 10th Australia & New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9781119572428

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Projects continue to grow larger, increasingly strategic, and more complex, with greater collaboration, instant feedback, specialisation, and an ever-expanding list of stakeholders. Now more than ever, effective project management is critical for the success of any deliverable, and the demand for qualified Project Managers has leapt into nearly all sectors. The tenth edition of Project Management: A Managerial Approach provides a robust grounding in essentials of the field using a managerial approach to both fundamental concepts and real-world practice.

Experienced authors Meredith, Mantel and Shafer have addressed the topic of project management from the perspective of what the project manager will encounter both chronologically during the “life cycle” of the project, as well as practically in the sense of what the project manager needs to know and why. The new edition addresses the basic nature of managing a wide range of projects including public, business, engineering and information systems. With this resource you will finish your unit knowing the specific techniques and insights that you will be required to know for selecting, initiating, executing and evaluating any type of project you might encounter in your future career.


  • Insightful coverage of change management provides clear guidance on handling the organisational, interpersonal, economic and technical glitches that can derail any project, while in-depth cases and real-world examples illustrate essential concepts in action.
  • Designed for business students, this text follows the project life cycle from beginning to end to demonstrate what successful project management looks like on the ground.
  • Expert discussion details specific techniques and applications, while guiding students through the diverse skill set required to select, intitiate, execute, and evaluate today’s projects.
Jack R. Meredith

Samuel J. Mantel Jr.

Scott M. Shafer

Chapter 1 Projects in Contemporary Organisations

Part 1: Project initiation

Chapter 2 Strategic management and project selection

Chapter 3 The project manager

Chapter 4 Managing conflict and the art of negotiation

Chapter 5 The project in the organisational structure

Part 2: Project planning

Chapter 6 Activity planning: Traditional and agile

Chapter 7 Budgeting and risk management

Chapter 8 Scheduling

Chapter 9 Resource allocation

Part 3: Project execution

Chapter 10 Monitoring and information systems

Chapter 11 Project control

Chapter 12 Project auditing

Chapter 13 Project closure and benefits

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