Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis, 7th Australia and New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9781119666158

Highly regarded for its clarity and depth of coverage, the bestselling Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis provides a comprehensive introduction to the highway-related problems civil engineers encounter every day. Emphasising practical applications and up-to-date methods, this book prepares students for real-world practice while building the essential knowledge base required of a transportation professional. In-depth coverage of highway engineering and traffic analysis, road vehicle performance, traffic flow and highway capacity, pavement design, travel demand, traffic forecasting, and other essential topics equips students with the understanding they need to analyse and solve the problems facing America’s highway system.

This new Seventh Australia and New Zealand Edition features a new e-book format that allows for enhanced pedagogy, with instant access to solutions for selected problems. Coverage focuses exclusively on highway transportation to reflect the dominance of U.S. highway travel and the resulting employment opportunities, while the depth and scope of coverage is designed to prepare students for success on standardised civil engineering exams.

Mannering’s Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis is part of the Wiley Re-Engineered program, designed to match how students learn. The enhanced E-Text is organised in a Practice → Study → Read format to match how engineering students’ study. The E-Text includes many of the interactive and multimedia resources including practice problems and solutions.


  • Provides a concise, efficient introduction to essential concepts and principles.
  • Focuses on real-world application with extensive examples and practical discussion.
  • Includes illustrated variable and nomenclature keys to help students quickly grasp necessary terminology and notation.
Fred L. Mannering
Scott S. Washburn
Chapter 1. Introduction to Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis
Chapter 2. Road Vehicle Performance
Chapter 3. Geometric Design of Highways
Chapter 4. Pavement Design
Chapter 5. Fundamentals of Traffic Flow and Queuing Theory
Chapter 6. Highway Capacity and Level-of-Service Analysis
Chapter 7. Traffic Control and Analysis at Signalised Intersections
Chapter 8. Travel Demand and Traffic Forecasting
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E-Text: 9781119672951
Textbook: 9781119666158