Physics, 1st Australian & New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9780730382881

The ideal physics resource for students without a calculus background, Cutnell’s Physics, 1st Australian and New Zealand Edition, has been reimagined for the first time for ANZ students. This new edition focuses on conceptual understanding, problem solving and providing local applications with relevance to ANZ students.

This resource supports students of all abilities to challenge themselves and test their skills with end of chapter problems rated by level of complexity from simple to higher order thinking. The new clear and concise design also allows for greater readability and student focus.

Available as a full colour printed textbook with an interactive eBook code included, this title enables students to master concepts and succeed in assessment; it is designed to make the most out of learning.


  • End of chapter problems are rated by difficulty, so students of all abilities can challenge themselves and improve their skills. 
  • Each chapter is introduced with an exciting Australian and New Zealand example to give local context and engage students. Examples include the Perth Fighting Club cycling group ‘Going Metric Down Under’, the Kinematics of Taking to the Skies and Robbie Maddison and The Physics of Motorcycle Jumping 
  • A new space-saving and clear page design that makes the text easier to read, and a heavily reduced page count ensures you only get the essentials that will help you succeed.
John D. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Johnson, David Young, Shane Stadler, Heath Jones, Matthew Collins, John Daicopoulos, Boris Blankleider
Chapter 1. Introduction and Mathematical Concepts 

Chapter 2. Kinematics in One Dimension 

Chapter 3. Kinematics in Two Dimensions 

Chapter 4. Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion 

Chapter 5. Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion 

Chapter 6. Work and Energy 

Chapter 7. Impulse and Momentum 

Chapter 8. Rotational Kinematics 

Chapter 9. Rotational Dynamics 

Chapter 10. Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity 

Chapter 11. Fluids 

Chapter 12. Temperature and Heat 

Chapter 13. The Transfer of Heat 

Chapter 14. The Ideal Gas Law and Kinetic Theory 

Chapter 15. Thermodynamics 

Chapter 16. Waves and Sound 

Chapter 17. The Principle of Linear Superposition and Interference Phenomena 

Chapter 18. Electric Forces and Electric Fields 

Chapter 19. Electric Potential Energy and the Electric Potential 

Chapter 20. Electric Circuits 

Chapter 21. Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields 

Chapter 22. Electromagnetic Induction 

Chapter 23. Alternating Current Circuits 

Chapter 24. Electromagnetic Waves 

Chapter 25. The Reflection of Light: Mirrors 

Chapter 26. The Refraction of Light: Lenses and Optical Instruments 

Chapter 27. Interference and the Wave Nature of Light 

Chapter 28. Special Relativity 

Chapter 29. Particles and Waves 

Chapter 30. The Nature of the Atom 

Chapter 31. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity 

Chapter 32. Ionising Radiation, Nuclear Energy, and Elementary Particles

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Textbook: 9780730382881