Personality: Theory and Research, 13th Edition

ISBN: 9781119161165

The Personality: Theory and Research, 13th Edition significantly updates and expands on previous editions of this classic text. New to this edition, Personality and the Brain coverage throughout the text shows readers how cutting-edge advances in neuroscience inform all aspects of personality theory and research. Cervone and Pervins, 13th edition provides uniquely up-to-date coverage of contemporary personality science while continuing to ground the student in the field’s classic, and contemporary, theoretical statements.


  • Integrates theory and research to demonstrate to the student how the two impact one another.
  • Integrates case material with theory to bridge the gap between the general and specific. Enables students interested in clinical psychology to see links between personality psych and clinical practice.
  • Provides a basis for comparison of theories allowing students to make their own judgements concerning the merits of each.
Daniel Cervone

Lawrence A. Pervin

Chapter 1 Personality Theory: From Everyday Observations to Systematic Theories

Chapter 2 The Scientific Study of People

Chapter 3 A Psychodynamic Theory: Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory Of Personality

Chapter 4 Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory: Applications, Related Theoretical Conceptions, and Contemporary Research

Chapter 5 A Phenomenological Theory: Carl Rogers’s Person-Centered Theory Of Personality

Chapter 6 Rogers’s Phenomenological Theory: Applications, Related Theoretical Conceptions, And Contemporary Research

Chapter 7 Trait Theories of Personality: Allport, Eysenck, and Cattell

Chapter 8 Trait Theory: The Five-Factor Model; Applications and Evaluation of Trait Approaches to Personality

Chapter 9 Biological Foundations of Personality

Chapter 10 Behaviorism and the Learning Approaches to Personality

Chapter 11 A Cognitive Theory: George A. Kelly’s Personal Construct Theory Of Personality

Chapter 12 Social-Cognitive Theory: Bandura and Mischel

Chapter 13 Social-Cognitive Theory: Applications, Related Theoretical Conceptions, and Contemporary Research

Chapter 14 Personality in Context: Interpersonal Relations, Culture, and Development across the Course of Life

Chapter 15 Assessing Personality Theory and Research

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