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Operations Management: An Integrated Approach, 7th Australia and New Zealand Edition


ISBN: 9781119668190

This book is being used at:
University of Adelaide

As the business environment continues to rapidly change, Dan Reid and Nada Sanders have developed the seventh Australia and New Zealand edition of Operations Management: An Integrated Approach, to make introductory OM courses accessible and engaging for all business majors. Beyond providing a solid foundation, this course covers emerging topics like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Analytics, and Sustainability and gives equal time to strategic and tactical decisions in both service and manufacturing organisations.


  • Before You Begin: Emphasising our focus on strong pedagogy, Before You Begin provides problem-solving tips and hints that the student should consider before proceeding to solve the problem.

  • Big Data Analytics: Incorporates the latest on big data analytics in Chapters 1 and 3 and expanded coverage of predictive analytics and forecasting in Chapter 8.

  • New Company Examples: In order to offer the most current text we have made updates to company examples across all chapters and included new and fresh examples like Uber, Google and Facebook.

R. Dan Reid
Nada R. Sanders

Chapter 1. Introduction to Operations Management
Chapter 2. Operations Strategy and Competitiveness
Chapter 3. Product Design and Process Selection
Chapter 4. Supply Chain Management
Chapter 5. Total Quality Management
Chapter 6. Statistical Quality Control
Chapter 7. Just-in-Time and Lean Systems
Chapter 8. Forecasting
Chapter 9. Capacity Planning and Facility Location
Chapter 10. Facility Layout
Chapter 11. Work System Design
Chapter 12. Inventory Management
Chapter 13. Aggregate Planning
Chapter 14. Resource Planning
Chapter 15. Scheduling
Chapter 16. Project Management

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E-Text: 9781119674627
Textbook: 9781119668190

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