Operations Management, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9781118606896

Operations Management 3rd Edition is a modern success story that plays an essential role in any organisation.
Author Andrew Greasley provides a clear and accessible introduction to this important area of study, focusing on all key areas of operations in both manufacturing and service industries. Operations Management 3rd Edition features:

  • Fully revised and updated full colour presentation.
  • More exercises at end of chapter and more quantitative exercises
  • Cases are updated throughout. Now includes: service including public sector, international, a mix of mini-cases and a longer case for each chapter.
  • More strategic and international commentary is incorporated.
  • A strategy link section consisting of a paragraph relating each chapter topic to operations strategy is included


  • Focused, condensed approach.
  • Comprehensive package of online learning support materials.
  • Strong pedagogical structure.
Andrew Greasley
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Operations Strategy
Chapter 3 Process Types
Chapter 4 Layout Types and Layout Design
Chapter 5 Facility Design: Supply, Capacity and Location
Chapter 6 Process Technology
Chapter 7 Product and Service Design
Chapter 8 Process Design
Chapter 9 Job and Work Design
Chapter 10 Operations Planning and Control
Chapter 11 Capacity Management
Chapter 12 Inventory Management
Chapter 13 Lean Operations
Chapter 14 Enterprise Resource Planning
Chapter 15 Supply Chain Management
Chapter 16 Project Management
Chapter 17 Quality
Chapter 18 Performance Measurement and Improvement
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E-Text: 9781118606896