Operations and Supply Management for MBAs, 7th Australia and New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9781119674245

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The seventh Australia and New Zealand edition of Operations and Supply Chain Management for MBAs is the definitive introduction to the fundamental concepts of supply chain and operations management. Designed specifically to meet the needs of MBA students, this market-leading book offers clear presentation of topics such process planning and design, capacity and location planning, schedule and inventory management, and enterprise resource planning. A strategic, conceptual approach helps readers comprehend the contemporary issues they will soon be facing in industry.

This concisely-formatted volume enables instructors to customise their courses for the unique requirements of MBA programs. Each chapter integrates material directly into the text—rather than sidebars, highlights, and other pedagogical devices—to achieve a smooth, easy-to-read narrative flow. Carefully selected questions prompt discussions that complement the mature, more experienced nature of MBA students, while case studies and supplementary materials illustrate key concepts and practices. Topics such as outsourcing and global sourcing, the role of information technology, and global competitiveness strategies assist students to understand working and competing in the globalised economy.


  • Original and updated examples, end-of-chapter questions, exercises, and mini-cases
  • Fresh coverage of incident and disruption management, spend analysis, and supply chain-enabling information technologies such as EDI, RFID, bar codes, cloud services, and Big Data
  • Expanded discussions of FEMA and risk management, and trends in SCM including reverse supply chains, managing returns, strategic sourcing, and vendor managed inventory
Jack R. Meredith
Scott M. Shafer
Part 1 Strategy and Execution

Chapter 1. Operations and Supply Chain Strategy for Competitiveness
Chapter 2. Executing Strategy: Project Management

Part 2 Product and Process Design

Chapter 3. Product and Process Planning
Chapter 4. Capacity and Scheduling
Chapter 5. Strategic Management of Supply Chains
Chapter 6. Supply Chain Planning and Analytics

Part 3 Managing and Improving the Process

Chapter 7. Monitoring and Controlling the Processes
Chapter 8. Process Improvement: Six Sigma
Chapter 9. Process Improvement: Lean

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