Deakin University MMH230: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (Custom E-Text)

ISBN: 9780730345497

This custom E-Text contains the specific material you’ll need for your MMH230 course at Deakin University.


1. Strategic human resource management systems
2. Human resource planning
3. Human resource information
4. Human resource management and the law
5. Job analysis, job design and quality of work life
6. Recruiting human resources
7. Employee selection
8. Appraising and managing performance
9. Human resource development
10. Career planning and development
11. Employee motivation
12. Employee remuneration
13. Employee benefits
14. Industrial relations
15. Managing change
16. Negotiation
17. Employee health and safety
18. Managing diversity
19. International human resource management
20. Managing international assignments
21. Assessing HRM effectiveness
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