Deakin University MIS171: Business Analytics (Custom Text)

ISBN: 9780730334682

Data-driven decisions are driving the global knowledge economy. To get the edge, graduates need the power of statistical analysis to create business insight. This custom resource empowers you to make informed decisions based on real world issues. The cross-functional author team has channelled their expertise to create a concise resource that equips students with the quantitative analysis techniques they need to succeed in tomorrow’s business world. It also provides examples from the local region, real business issues and applications.


1 The role of business analytics in a real-world context
2 What is data?
3 Exploring data
4 Dependence and independence
5 Discrete distributions
6 Continuous distributions
7 Sampling and sampling distributions
8 Inferential statistics (part I)
9 Inferential statistics (part II)
10 Simple regression analysis
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