Microeconomics, 6th Australia and New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9781119666219

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Microeconomics, 6th Edition gives students the most effective approach for learning microeconomic tools and concepts. This text provides an accessible, integrated structure with numerous practice problems, exercises, and engaging applications. Worked-out Learning-by-Doing problems, mathematical and graphical data, and verbal explanations enable business and economics majors to recognize significant data, patterns, and trends.


  • Fresh and revised applications and chapter openers, including many focused on international microeconomics, technology, and the gig economy.
  • Revised end-of-chapter problems, data sets, graphs, and Learning-by-Doing (LBD) exercises
  • Coverage of game theory/trade wars, computable general equilibrium models, and computational analysis in industrial organizations
David Besanko
Ronald Braeutigam
Part 1: Introduction to Microeconomics

Chapter 1. Analysing Economic Problems
Chapter 2. Demand and Supply Analysis

Part 2: Consumer Theory

Chapter 3. Consumer Preferences and the Concept of Utility
Chapter 4. Consumer Choice
Chapter 5. The Theory of Demand

Part 3: Production and Cost Theory

Chapter 6. Inputs and Production Functions
Chapter 7. Costs and Cost Minimisation
Chapter 8. Cost Curves

Part 4: Perfect Competition

Chapter 9. Perfectly Competitive Markets
Chapter 10. Competitive Marks: Applications

Part 5: Market Power

Chapter 11. Monopoly and Monopsony
Chapter 12. Capturing Surplus

Part 6: Imperfect Competition and Strategic Behaviour

Chapter 13. Market Structure and Competition
Chapter 14. Game Theory and Strategic Behaviours

Part 7: Special Topics

Chapter 15. Risk and Information
Chapter 16. General Equilibrium Theory
Chapter 17. Externalities and Public Goods

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