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Mental Health Care, 4th Edition

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ISBN: 9780730382928

This book is being used at:
CQU, James Cook University, Monash University, University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, University of South Australia, Western Sydney University

Mental Health Care, 4th Edition is a textbook package that helps undergraduate students learn the subject matter as both a consumer of care and as part of a multi-disciplinary team of care providers. With an emphasis on understanding practical, real-life scenarios, the fourth edition helps students develop a sense of empathy and gain confidence in care provision.

The new edition has strengthened indigenous content, focusing on culturally appropriate care that was added by new author Aunty Kerrie Doyle.
Available as a full colour printed textbook with an interactive eBook code included, this title helps students master concepts by enabling self-study.


  • Video insights: Videos with real clinicians and top researchers help bring relevancy to each chapter through engaging storytelling.

  • Case studies: New ‘Lived Experience’ case studies provide the voice of the consumer of care, exposing you to how a real person has experienced the topic of discussion.

  • Theory meets practice: ‘In Practice’ boxed examples explain what you are learning and how best practice care is delivered in Australia.

Catherine HungerfordAunty Kerrie DoyleRichard ClancyDonna Hodgson 

1. Mental health care in Australia

2. Assessment in the mental health context

3. The legal and ethical context of mental health care

4. Culturally appropriate mental health care

5. Common reactions to stressful situations

6. People displaying challenging behaviours

7. Depression, anxiety and perinatal mental health

8. Caring for a person who has self-harmed

9. Caring for a person with a serious mental illness

10. Substance use disorders

11. Caring for an older person with a mental illness

12. Mental health service delivery

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E-Text: 9780730382942 
Textbook: 9780730382928 

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