Mental Health Care, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781118644805

Mental Health Care An Introduction for Health Professionals in Australia, 2nd Edition covers the challenges that nursing professionals will face in their every day roles. This text discusses, in a jargon-free way, how to effectively help those who are struggling with mental health issues in a care setting.


  • Clear and concise explanations of new or mental health specific terms, including margin and glossary definitions,
  • Discussion of topical issues or dilemmas relating chapter material to the real world in The Big Picture features.
  • In Practice case studies or other practice-oriented examples to assist health professionals to link theory to practice.
Catherine Hungerford

Donna Hodgson

Richard Clancy

Michael Monisse-Redman

Richard Bostwick

Tony Jones

1. Mental health care in Australia
2. Assessment in the mental health context
3. The legal and ethical context of mental health care
4. Delivering culturally appropriate mental health care
5. Common reactions to stressful situations
6. Caring for a person displaying challenging behaviours
7. Caring for a person with depression, anxiety or perinatal mental health
8. Caring for a person who has self-harmed
9. Caring for a person with a serious mental illness
10. Caring for a person with a substance use disorder
11. Caring for an older person with a mental illness
12. Approaches to mental health service delivery
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