Mechanics of Materials, 3rd Edition SI Version

ISBN: 9781118322703

Mechanics of Materials, 3rd Edition SI Version presents the theory and practice of mechanics of materials in a straight-forward, plain-speaking manner that addresses the learning styles of today’s students without sacrificing rigor or depth in the presentation of topics. Unique to this book is the integration of MecMovies, an award-winning instructional software package created by the author.


  • Learning Checks support chapter learning objectives and summarise key knowledge. They appear throughout each chapter and are ideal for self-study purposes.
  • The Student Activity section contains a chapter summary, demonstration problems, discussion questions, case studies, graded exercises and problems.
  • Chapter Openers outline the chapter aim, learning objectives and assumed knowledge for the chapter.
Timothy A. Philpot
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Chapter 1 Stress

Chapter 2 Strain

Chapter 3 Mechanical Properties of Materials

Chapter 4 Design Concepts

Chapter 5 Axial Deformation

Chapter 6 Torsion

Chapter 7 Equilibrium of Beams

Chapter 8 Bending

Chapter 9 Shear Stress in Beams

Chapter 10 Beam Deflections

Chapter 11 Statically Indeterminate Beams

Chapter 12 Stress Transformations

Chapter 13 Strain Transformations

Chapter 14 Thin-Walled Pressure Vessels

Chapter 15 Combined Loads

Chapter 16 Columns

Chapter 17 Energy Methods

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