Griffith University 1011SCG / 1666NSC: Mathematics 1a (Custom Text)

ISBN: 9780730330097

This text is designed to provide a mathematically rigorous, comprehensive coverage of topics and applications, while still being accessible to students. Mathematics 1a focuses on developing students’ critical thinking skills as well as improving their proficiency in a broad range of technical math topics such as algebra, linear equations, functions and integrals. Using abundant examples and graphics throughout the text, this E-Text provides several features to help students visualise problems and better understand the concepts. The source texts from which this custom E-Text was derived have been praised for their real-life and engineering-oriented applications.


1 Introduction to algebra
2 Simple equations and word problems
3 Functions
4 Factoring and fractions
5 Quadratic equations
6 Three-dimensional space; vectors
7 Before calculus
8 Limits and continuity
9 Applications of the definite integral in Geometry, Science and Engineering
10 The derivative
11 Topics in differentiation
12 The derivative in graphing and applications
13 Integration
14 Infinite series
15 Partial derivatives
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