Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, 7th Australia and New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9781119668343

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Managing & Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach provides a solid knowledge base of basic concepts to help readers become informed, competent participants in Information Systems (IS) decisions. Written for MBA students and general business managers alike, the text explains the fundamental principles and practices required to use and manage information, and illustrates how information systems can create, or obstruct, opportunities within various organisations.

This revised and updated seventh Australia and New Zealand edition discusses the business and design processes relevant to IS, and presents a basic framework to connect business strategy, IS strategy, and organisational strategy. Readers are guided through each essential aspect of information Systems, including information architecture and infrastructure, IT security, the business of Information Technology, IS sourcing, project management, business analytics, and relevant IS governance and ethical issues. Detailed chapters contain mini cases, full-length case studies, discussion topics, review questions, supplemental reading links, and a set of managerial concerns related to the topic.


  • Fresh coverage of digital business models, platform governance, IT consumerisation, robotic process automation, robotics, machine learning and AI, and ethical management
  • New and revised cases and practical examples
  • Integrates the perspective of mobile technologies, social business, and global considerations throughout the text
Keri E. Pearlson
Carol S. Saunders
Dennis F. Galletta
Chapter 1. The Information Systems Strategy Triangle
Chapter 2. Strategic Use of Information Resources
Chapter 3. Organisational Strategy and Information Systems
Chapter 4. Digital Systems and the Design of Work
Chapter 5. Information Systems and Digital Transformations
Chapter 6. Architecture and Infrastructure
Chapter 7. Security
Chapter 8. The Business of Information Technology
Chapter 9. Governance of the Information Systems Organisation
Chapter 10. Information Systems Sourcing
Chapter 11. Managing IT Projects
Chapter 12. Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Analytics
Chapter 13. Privacy and Ethical Considerations in Information Management
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Textbook: 9781119668343