Management Accounting, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781742166148

Management Accounting, 2nd Edition has been revised in response to changes in the global business environment. Unbridled access to information, intense competition and ongoing challenges in the corporate world have meant that cost accounting has become an increasingly important tool for managers and accountants alike. Most textbooks focus on content knowledge and then expect you to ‘magically’ demonstrate skills such as decision-making and critical thinking.


The textbook is written in a style that is accessible and includes chapter scene setters, realistic illustrative examples, self-study problems and unique problem material structured to encourage you to think about accounting problems and problem-solving more complexly.


  • NEW Chapter 19: Rewards, incentives and risk management – details the structure of reward systems and motivating performance with incentives.
  • NEW Chapter 20: Sustainability management accounting – discusses the integrated value of sustainability to a business and how its connection to performance. The chapter includes current topics of sustainability enterprise governance and carbon accounting and management control.
  • Two Part Structure: 20 chapters provide instructors with the opportunity to use the text across two management accounting/control subjects particularly at the undergraduate level.
Leslie Eldenburg
University of Arizona

Albie Brooks
University of Melbourne

Judy Oliver
Swinburne University

Gillian Vesty
RMIT University

Susan Wolcott
Wolcott Lynch Associates

1. The role of accounting information in management decision making
2. Cost concepts, behaviour and estimation
3. A costing framework and cost allocation
4. Cost–volume–profit (CVP) analysis
5. Job costing systems
6. Process costing systems
7. Absorption, variable and throughput costing
8. Activity analysis: costing and management
9. Relevant costs for decision making
10. Standard costs, flexible budgets and variance analysis
11. Operational budgets
12. Strategy and control
13. Planning and budgeting for strategic success
14. Capital budgeting and strategic investment decisions
15. The strategic management of costs and revenues
16. Strategic management control: a lean perspective
17. Responsibility accounting, performance evaluation and transfer pricing
18. The balanced scorecard and strategy maps
19. Rewards, incentives and risk management
20. Sustainability management accounting
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