Management, 5th Asia-Pacific Edition

ISBN: 9780730318422

Management, 5th Asia-Pacific Edition is the must-have text for any first-year management student. Packed with real-world examples of management practices, this text will get you through your first year and well beyond! Along with all the features that have made previous editions so popular with students and lecturers, this brand new edition of Management includes new research and statistics, regional research activities in each chapter, brand new case studies, and an all new chapter dedicated to sustainability in business.


  • Interactive Study Guide (iStudy) to accompany the text contains multimedia resources ideal for online learning and the application of key management concepts.
  • Career Readiness Workbook at the back of the text provides numerous individual and group activities, ideal for either tutorials/workshops or self-study.
  • Critical analysis questions posed at strategic points throughout each chapter encourage you to analyse and/or debate real-world issues facing contemporary managers.
  • Colour-coded boxes throughout the text represent seven contemporary recurring management themes (Asian perspectives, diversity, sustainability, ethics/social responsibility, technology, innovation and globalisation).
Dr John R. Schermerhorn Jr is the Charles G. O’Bleness professor of management emeritus in the College of Business at Ohio University. John earned a PhD in organisational behaviour from Northwestern University, an MBA (with distinction) in management and international business from New York University, and a BS in business administration from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He previously taught at Tulane University, the University of Vermont, and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where he also served as head of the Department of Management and associate dean of the College of Business Administration.

Dr Paul Davidson is associate professor of management in the Queensland University of Technology Business School. He has 35 years university teaching experience and more than 100 academic publications, including nine books, to his credit. He has studied and taught at the University of Queensland, the University of Birmingham, the University of Geneva, the University of Otago, Stanford University and Southern Cross University. He has degrees in science (psychology), theology and business administration. In addition, Paul has also consulted and taught nationally and internationally to many public and private sector organisations, including the Sheraton Hotel Group in Australia and Asia, Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands and the United States, and extensively to the Royal Australian Navy in Sydney.

Dr David Poole is the owner and CEO of two organisations, Dragon College of Business and Sports Online (an online retailer of sports memorabilia). Prior to moving into business, he was a lecturer in the Department of Business at Macquarie University. He has also served as chief executive officer of an industry association and worked as a senior lecturer in management at the University of Western Sydney from 1996 to 2004. He has also worked as an adjunct lecturer at business schools in Australia, China and the United States, and has taught in Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Dr Peter Woods is a senior lecturer in the Department of International Business and Asian Studies, Griffith University Business School. His teaching has been recognised by multiple awards, including the prestigious 2010 Australian Learning and Teaching Council Award for Teaching Excellence (Internationalisation); Griffith University’s Excellence in Teaching Award (Business and Law) in 2010; and as a co-recipient of the Pro-Vice Chancellor’s award for innovation in 2011. In 2012, he was awarded ‘Brisbane’s Best Lecturer’ by the Golden Key International Honour Society. Peter has also served as academic fellow at the Griffith Institute of Higher Education, helping academic staff to improve teaching in the multicultural classroom. He specialises in teaching introductory management, intercultural management, the social context of Asian business and strategic management.

Dr Alan Simon is an associate professor in management in the University of Western Australia’s Business School. He has more than 30 years university teaching experience and more than 70 publications to his credit, including several books and monographs. He teaches introductory management, managing organisational change, strategic capabilities and organisational success, and business research methods at the University of Western Australia. He has won Excellence in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching Awards at UWA, and was awarded the Pearson prize for Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Educator of the Year in 2012. His doctorate was awarded by Rhodes University and in it he developed a new method for conducting research.

Ellen McBarron is a lecturer in management and HR and is based at the Brisbane campus of Australian Catholic University. Her background includes 30 years in the finance industry, where she left as a national training manager in 1999 to move to academia. She has taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Burma, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. Ellen is an experienced manager and leader, actively researching the organisation management of expatriates, and has experience with international HRM, performance management, social entrepreneurship and refugee employability. She is actively involved in social justice issues within the university community, and has regular consultancy work with the Queensland government and the mining industry. Ellen won a Carrick Award for the development of a replicable and sustainable model that delivers empowering tertiary education to camp-based refugees.

1. The contemporary workplace

2. Historical foundations of management

3. Environment and diversity

4. International dimensions of management

5. Ethical behaviour and social responsibility

6. Sustainability

7. Information and decision-making

8. Planning

9. Strategic management

10. Organising

11. Controlling

12. Human resource management

13. Leading

14. Communication and interpersonal skills

15. Motivation and rewards

16. Individuals, job design and stress

17. Teams and teamwork

18. Leading and managing change

19. Entrepreneurship and new ventures

20. Operations and services management

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