Macroeconomics, 5th Edition International Student Edition

ISBN: 9780393417333

Chad Jones’s Macroeconomics teaches students to think like modern macroeconomists, with strong and engaging growth coverage and a more intuitive approach to models. Praised by adopters for its clear explanations, flexible organization, timely case studies, data, and emphasis on problem solving, Macroeconomics gives students the practical tools they need to understand and analyze the macroeconomy. This innovative text makes macroeconomics less complicated without sacrificing rigor.


  • A flexible approach that engages students with the story of economic growth: Jones introduces growth early and thoroughly to engage students with the possibilities and power of macroeconomics.
  • Current and relevant: Macroeconomics can be difficult because students can’t “see” it happening like they can with microeconomics. Jones uses current examples, data and cases to ground these ideas in long-term trends seen in current events.
  • The text with an international focus: Jones emphasises the world economy in three ways: early coverage of long-run growth, use of the open economy in the short run and two chapters at the end of the text on international trade and international finance.
Charles I. Jones
Part I: Preliminaries
Chapter 1. Introduction to macroeconomics
Chapter 2. Measuring the macroeconomy

Part II: The long run
Chapter 3. An overview of the long-run economic growth
Chapter 4. A model of production
Chapter 5. The Solow Growth Model
Chapter 6. Growth and ideas
Chapter 7. The labor market, wages and unemployment
Chapter 8. Inflation

Part III: The short run
Chapter 9. An introduction to the short run
Chapter 10. The Great Recession: A first look
Chapter 11. The IS Curve
Chapter 12. Monetary policy and the Phillips Curve
Chapter 13. Stabilisation policy and the AS/AD Framework
Chapter 14. The Great Recession and the Short-Run Model
Chapter 15. DSGE Models: The frontier of business cycle research

Part IV: Applications and micro foundations
Chapter 16. Consumption
Chapter 17. Investments
Chapter 18. The government and the macroeconomy
Chapter 19. International trade
Chapter 20. Exchange rates and international finance
Chapter 21. Parting thoughts

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