Literacy in Australia: Pedagogies for Engagement, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9780730369240

Infused with our authors’ personal experiences teaching, Literacy in Australia, 3rd Edition is delivered as a full colour printed textbook with an interactive eBook code included. This title will help you master concepts and succeed in assessment by taking the roadblocks out of self-study, with features designed to get the most out of learning such as animations, interactivities, concept check questions and videos.

With a prioritised focus on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures featured throughout the text, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge of what kinds of activities you can include in and out of your own classroom to provide an enriching learning experience for your future students.

Key Features

  • Videos with Shelley Ware (Indigenous teacher and media personality) and Jessa Rogers (Indigenous Education Scholar) discuss ways of bringing meaningful Indigenous content in and out of the classroom.
  • Feature boxes with Indigenous narrative help give a more diverse perspective of Australian education.
  • Practical examples of lessons that can be used in the classroom straight away, to help ease any anxiety of not knowing what to do when you get out in the real world.
Wiley Interactive E-Text
Wiley Interactive E-Text
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Practitioner Videos
Practitioner Videos

Video insights from high-profile practitioners help students connect course concepts with real-world local cases.

Concept check questions
Concept check questions

Students can test their comprehension and get instant feedback with interactive Concept Check questions, embedded at the point of learning.

Search, highlight and annotate
Search, highlight and annotate

Interactive textbook lets students search, highlight and take notes within the text for efficient study.

Amy Seely Flint
Lisbeth Kitson
Kaye Lowe
Kylie Shaw
Sally Humphrey
Mark Vicars
Jessa Rogers
Shelley Ware
Chapter 1. Examining literacy in the twenty-first century
Chapter 2. Talking to learn in and out of the classroom
Chapter 3. Getting to know students: developing culturally relevant practices for reading and writing
Chapter 4. Theories of literacy development
Chapter 5. Literacy programs and approaches
Chapter 6. Entering into the literacy landscape: emergent readers and writers
Chapter 7. Beginning readers and writers
Chapter 8. Intermediate and accomplished readers and writers
Chapter 9. Effective assessment practices for reading and writing
Chapter 10. Literature in the classroom
Chapter 11. ICTs and reading to learn in the content areas
Chapter 12. Working with struggling readers and writers
Interactive E-Text: 9780730369226
Textbook with Interactive E-Text Code: 9780730369240
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