Lifespan Development: A Chronological Approach, 3rd Australasian Edition

ISBN: 9780730314707

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Lifespan Development: A Chronological Approach, 3rd Australasian Edition explores human physical, cognitive and social development within an Australian and New Zealand context. Building on the successful first and second editions, the resource’s comprehensive theory coverage includes the latest local and international research in this ever-evolving field, and is perfectly complemented by numerous physical and mental health applications within local psychological, allied health and educational settings.


This edition includes enhanced coverage of developmental theories, and increased integrated coverage of cross-cultural and Indigenous issues unique to the multicultural societies of Australia and New Zealand. It is an ideal resource offering for undergraduate students in both countries in order to enhance understanding of human development — from conception through to the end of life.


  • Multicultural View: Highlights issues of development from a cross-cultural or multicultural perspective within the Australian or New Zealand contexts.
  • Theory in Practice: Include interviews with local practitioners discussing the application of relevant developmental theory.
  • Looking Back and Looking Forward: Examines issues around the four themes of the text, reinforcing the developmental themes by approaching key concepts from a fresh angle and linking to earlier developmental periods.
Michele Hoffnung
Quinnipiac University

Robert J. Hoffnung
University of New Haven

Kelvin L Seifert
University of Manitoba

Rosanne Burton Smith
University of Tasmania

Alison Hine
University of Western Sydney

Lynn Ward
University of South Australia

Cat Pausé
Massey University

Karen Swabey
University of Tasmania

Karen Yates
James Cook University

PART 1 Beginnings
1. Studying development
2. Theories of development
3. Biological foundations, genetics, prenatal development and birth

PART 2 The first two years of life
4. Physical and cognitive development in the first two years
5. Psychosocial development in the first two years

PART 3 Early childhood
6. Physical and cognitive development in early childhood
7. Psychosocial development in early childhood

PART 4 Middle childhood
8. Physical and cognitive development in middle childhood
9. Psychosocial development in middle childhood

PART 5 Adolescence
10. Physical and cognitive development in adolescence
11. Psychosocial development in adolescence

PART 6 Early adulthood
12. Physical and cognitive development in early adulthood
13. Psychosocial development in early adulthood

PART 7 Middle adulthood
14. Physical and cognitive development in middle adulthood
15. Psychosocial development in middle adulthood

PART 8 Late adulthood
16. Physical and cognitive development in late adulthood
17. Psychosocial development in late adulthood

PART 9 Endings
18. Dying, death and bereavement

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