Introduction to the Human Body, 10th Edition

ISBN: 9781118583180

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Introduction to the Human Body is suited for students that are studying a human biology or human anatomy and physiology course. With this resource you will gain an insightful introduction to the wide range of key concepts you will encounter throughout your study. The new edition has been written to suit students of all levels using an effective blend of stunning imagery, clearly written and engaging content designed to illuminate the complexities of the human body.
New to the 10th Edition is updated terminology to ensure all key terms are the most current and commonly used (based on Terminologia, Anatomica), also including these terms in the enhanced glossary. The resource features new and revised sections on buffers and disease, cryolipolysis, epiphyseal plate and control of breathing. Updated clinical connections that will help you understand the relevance of anatomical structures and functions, and in some cases, have been placed next to related imagery to enhance understanding. Also included are updated and new images that support the science in a visual and easily digestible way.

Written by an experienced and talented author team lead by Jerry Tortora from Bergen Community College, this edition is a must-have for students wanting to complete their unit with a rich foundation of knowledge for their remaining study and future career.


  • Content has been updated throughout, with new or heavily revised sections on buffers and disease, cryolipolysis, epiphyseal plate, and control of breathing.
  • New or revised art and photos have been added to most chapters.
  • Clinical Connections are new or updated throughout the text.
  • Heart illustrations in chapter 15 are all new.
  • Anatomical terminology has been updated throughout the text.
Gerard Tortora
Bergen Community College

Bryan Derrickson
Valencia Community College

1. Oragnisation of the Human Body
2. Introductory Chemistry
3. Cells
4. Tissues
5. The Integumentary System
6. The Skeletal System
7. Joints
8. The Muscular System
9. Nervous Tissue
10. Central Nervous system, Spinal Nerves and Cranial Nerves
11. Automatic Nervous System
12. Somatic Senses and Special Senses
13. The Endocrine System
14. The Cardiovascular System: Blood
15. The Cardiovascular System: Heart
16. The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels and Circulation
17. The Lymphatic System and Immunity
18. The Respiratory System
19. The Digestive System
20. Nutrition and Metabolism
21. The Urinary System
22. Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Balance
23. The Reproductive Systems
24. Development and Inheritance
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