Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781118934500

A thoroughly updated and extended new edition of this well-regarded introduction to the basic concepts of biological physics for students in the health and life sciences.

Designed to provide a solid foundation in physics for students following health science courses, the text is divided into six sections: Mechanics, Solids and Fluids, Thermodynamics, Electricity and DC Circuits, Optics, and Radiation and Health. Filled with illustrative examples, Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences, Second Edition features a wealth of concepts, diagrams, ideas and challenges, carefully selected to reference the biomedical sciences. Resources within the text include interspersed problems, objectives to guide learning, and descriptions of key concepts and equations, as well as further practice problems.


  • The companion website features interactive animations and new on‐line worksheets with multiple choice self‐assessment questions and additional material for instructors and students
  • Extended Appendices on basic mathematics and science skills for new physics students and those who wish to brush up on their basic skills and knowledge
  • Each chapter features conceptual examples and case studies, with graduated easy‐to‐difficult questions and solutions.
Kirsten Franklin

Paul Muir

Terry Scott

Paul Yates

Chapter 1. Mechanics
Chapter 2. Solids and Fluids
Chapter 3. Thermodynamics
Chapter 4. Electricity and DC Circuits
Chapter 5. Optics
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