An Interactive Approach to Writing Essays and Research Reports in Psychology, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780730359784

An Interactive Approach to Writing Essays and Research Reports in Psychology, 4th Edition is a writing guide that offers students an engaging, accessible introduction to the conventions of writing in the psychology discipline. Its straightforward, user-friendly style provides a thorough overview and is most suited for undergraduate students taking an introductory psychology course at university. The 4th edition contains an enhanced coverage of web research and writing and contains a new chapter on Qualitative Research.


This new edition is written by the leading Psychology author and Teaching and Learning expert Lorelle Burton. It is a perfect companion to Psychology, Australian and New Zealand Editionthe author’s best selling undergraduate Introductory Psychology text in the market.


  • Search Functionality: The full text search functionality allows students to quickly identify all instances of a key word or phrase.
  • Highlight and Annotate: The colour-coded highlights and note-taking application allow students to tag and add their own notes to important content.
  • Note Exporting: Students can copy and export sections of text together with bibliographical information and print out selected content to prepare for exams.
Lorelle Burton

Lorelle Burton is Professor of Psychology in the School of Psychology and Counselling at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and Associate Dean (Students) in the Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences at USQ. She currently leads the Community Futures research program in the Institute for Resilient Regions at USQ and has extensive experience as principal supervisor of higher degree research and Honours students. Lorelle has received multiple teaching excellence awards, including the 2001 USQ Award for Teaching Excellence; the 2004 Pearson Education and APS Early Career Teaching Award; an inaugural 2006 Carrick Citation for ‘delivering nationally recognised teaching practices and resources that inspire first-year students to actively engage in learning processes and develop critical thinking skills’; and an individual Carrick Australian Award for Teaching Excellence in Social Sciences. More recently, she was bestowed the prestigious 2016 APS Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award. Lorelle has led national research projects in learning and teaching, has served on national committees and boards, and has been an invited assessor for the national awards and grants. Lorelle has authored multiple psychology textbooks, including the market-leading first-year Australian psychology textbook and a widely adopted textbook about writing essays and research reports in psychology. She also recently co-edited a book on the elements of applied psychological practice to help psychology graduates prepare for the National Psychology Exam. Lorelle’s current research extends beyond academia to promote community-based learning and wellbeing. She works collaboratively with marginalised groups, including youth and older people, and her team has recently developed an Indigenous cultural heritage trail in partnership with Aboriginal communities in south-west Queensland. The Community Futures research seeks people’s own stories as a powerful way to strengthen communities and find new paths to support them into the future.

Chapter 1. Where to begin?

Chapter 2. Writing in APA Style

Chapter 3. Critical Thinking

Chapter 4. Essays

Chapter 5. Quantitative research

Chapter 6. Qualitative research

Chapter 7. In-text citations

Chapter 8. Reference list

Chapter 9. How to end

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