University of Auckland INFOSYS 110: Business Systems (Custom Text)

ISBN: 9780730330622

We’ve worked in partnership with the Business Systems teaching team at the University of Auckland to develop Business Systems: Vision to Action, a custom E-Text designed to fit the INFOSYS 110 curriculum — and the Vision to Action road map — perfectly. Your teaching team has curated content from several Wiley titles in order to best support the learning objectives of your course.

This text works towards transformation through the study of businesses, their systems, and their technologies, all with a genuine goal of effecting change and educating, empowering and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.


1 Business Systems — A Vision to Action Roadmap
2 Vision Values and Sustainability
3 Industry Analysis
4 Strategic Analysis
5 Value Chain Analysis
6 Business Processes
7 Operations Management
8 Information Systems
9 Transaction Processing
10 Decision Support
11 Collaboration Support
12 Enterprise Resource Planning
13 Supply Chain Management
14 Customer Relationship Management
15 Enterprise Architecture
16 Data and Database Management Systems
17 Big Data and Analytics
18 Hardware and Networks
19 Internet of Things
20 Cloud, Mobile and Social Computing
21 Sustainable Enterprises
22 Secure and Ethical Enterprises
23 Systems Analysis
24 Programming
25 Project and Change Management
26 Action Disruption Digital Innovation
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