Human Resource Management, 10th Edition

ISBN: 9780730385356

The new edition of Raymond Stone’s Human Resource Management is an AHRI endorsed title that has evolved into a modern, relevant and practical resource for first-year HRM students. This concise 14-chapter textbook gives you the best chance of transitioning successfully into their future profession by giving relatable professional insights and encouragement to exercise your skills in authentic workplace scenarios.


  • Career preparation: This textbook equips you with the specialist information and the workplace skills you’ll need to succeed (covering problem-solving, communication and tech skills).
  • Current and relevant: A host of updated case studies, examples, and industry insights.
  • Future Skills Guide  – Unique to Wiley, our Future Skills guide provides expert and practical advice on career preparedness making you more future-ready.
Raymond Stone

Anne Cox

Mihajla Gavin

Chapter 1. Strategic human resource management systems

Chapter 2. Human resource planning

Chapter 3. Human resource information systems

Chapter 4. Human resource management and the law

Chapter 5. Job analysis, job design and quality of work life

Chapter 6. Recruiting human resources

Chapter 7. Employee selection

Chapter 8. Appraising and managing performance

Chapter 9. Human resource development

Chapter 10. Career planning, development and employee motivation

Chapter 11. Employee remuneration and benefits

Chapter 12. Employee health and safety

Chapter 13. Managing change

Chapter 14. Managing diversity

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Textbook: 9780730385356