Helping Children Learn Mathematics, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780730391807

Helping Children Learn Mathematics, 4th Australian Edition provides the most comprehensive preparation for pre-service teachers when teaching maths. Digital resources bring the classroom to life while also demonstrating real-world maths applications.
Reys et al. provide a practical resource that is full of ideas for activities, tools and lesson plans.  This fourth edition empowers education students to navigate the Australian Curriculum and NAPLAN testing environment successfully.


  • Mathematics lesson ideas, activities and plans provide pre-service teachers with the ultimate playbook when structuring their classes.
  • All references to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) replaced with suitable Australian content.
  • Animated, branched chain scenarios featured at the end of each chapter bring concepts to life and consolidate learning.
Robert Reys

Anna Rogers

Leicha Bragg

Audrey Cooke

Melissa Fanshawe

Mark Gronow

Chapter 1: School mathematics in a changing world

Chapter 2: Helping children learn mathematics with understanding

Chapter 3: Planning and teaching

Chapter 4: Enhancing learning and teaching through assessment and feedback

Chapter 5: Processes of doing mathematics

Chapter 6: Helping children with problem solving

Chapter 7: Counting and number sense in early childhood and primary years

Chapter 8: Extending number sense: place value

Chapter 9: Operations: meanings and basic facts

Chapter 10: Mental computation, calculators and estimation

Chapter 11: Solving problems with written strategies

Chapter 12: Fractions and decimals: meanings and operations

Chapter 13: Ratio, proportion and percentages: meanings and applications

Chapter 14: Extending students with number theory

Chapter 15: Pattern and algebraic thinking

Chapter 16: Geometry

Chapter 17: Measurement

Chapter 18: Data analysis, statistics and probability

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