Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9780393667967

An instant best-seller and now the leading book for the course, Wade and Ferree’s Gender is a sophisticated yet accessible introduction to sociological perspectives on gender. Drawing on memorable examples mined from history, pop culture, and current events, Gender deftly moves between theoretical concepts and applications to everyday life. New discussions of #metoo, toxic masculinity, and gender politics in the Trump era help students participate in today’s conversation about gender. The new gold standard for sociology of gender courses.


  • An up-to-date survey of gender scholarship by two leaders in the field: Wade and Ferree have made distinguished contributions to both gender scholarship and the teaching of gender. Their best-selling textbook uses accessible language and engaging examples to provide a dynamic survey of contemporary gender issues. Revised throughout to be more inclusive, the Second Edition also features a substantively revised politics chapter with new discussions of gender politics in the Trump era and the burgeoning #metoo movement.
  • A strong sociological perspective with an innovative approach to gender theory: Gender quickly became the market leader for its strong sociological perspective and thoughtful organization around ideas, interactions, and institutions. Moving away from the typical textbook presentation of “theory first and facts later,” Wade and Ferree instead integrate theory throughout, moving deftly between theoretical concepts and applications to everyday life.
  • Organized around the very questions students are asking: Each chapter begins with a thought-provoking question meant to challenge students’ preconceived notions about gender. The authors then use compelling examples and current scholarship to answer these questions, with each chapter building on the previous one to form a seamless narrative.
Lisa Wade
Myra Marx Ferree
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Ideas
Chapter 3: Bodies
Chapter 4: Performances
Chapter 5: Intersections
Chapter 6. Inequality: Men and Masculinities
Chapter 7: Inequality: Women and Femininities
Chapter 8: Institutions
Chapter 9: Change
Chapter 10: Sexualities
Chapter 11: Families
Chapter 12: Work
Chapter 13: Politics
Chapter 14: Onward
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Textbook: 9780393667967