Fundamentals of Biochemistry, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781118918401

Fundamentals of Biochemistry, 5th Edition addresses the enormous advances in biochemistry, particularly in the areas of structural biology and Bioinformatics, by providing a solid biochemical foundation that is rooted in chemistry to prepare you for the scientific challenges of the future. While continuing in its tradition of presenting complete and balanced coverage that is clearly written and relevant to human health and disease, Fundamentals of Biochemistry, 5th Edition includes new pedagogy and enhanced visuals that provide a pathway for student learning.


  • Guided Tours: Students need to visualize processes and recognize the “big picture”. Embedded Guided Tours integrate visualizations, tutorials and practice around key concepts.
  • Sample calculation videos: Students come to the course with different levels of math skills. These embedded videos, created by Charlotte Pratt, provide sample calculations and step-by-step walk-throughs for key equations.
  • Animated process diagrams: Important processes can be stepped through at students’ pace.
  • New set of brief Bioinformatics Exercises: Short, accessible, and content-specific bioinformatics exercises serve as virtual hands-on assignments that illuminate the connections between theory and applied biochemistry, thereby stimulating student interest and proficiency in the subject.
Donald Voet
University of Pennsylvania

Judith G. Voet
Swarthmore College

Charlotte W. Pratt
Seattle Pacific University

1. Introduction to the Chemistry of Life
2. Water

3. Nucleotides, Nucleic Acids, and Genetic Information
4. Amino Acids
5. Proteins: Primary Structure
6. Proteins: Three-Dimensional Structure
7. Protein Function: Myoglobin and Hemoglobin, Muscle Contraction, and Antibodies
8. Carbohydrates
9. Lipids and Biological Membranes
10. Membrane Transport

11. Enzymatic Catalysis
12. Enzyme Kinetics, Inhibition, and Control
13. Biochemical Signaling

14. Introduction to Metabolism
15. Glucose Catabolism
16. Glycogen Metabolism and Gluconeogenesis
17. Citric Acid Cycle
18. Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation
19. Photosynthesis: Can be found at
20. Lipid Metabolism
21. Amino Acid Metabolism
22. Mammalian Fuel Metabolism: Integration and Regulation

23. Nucleotide Metabolism
24. Nucleic Acid Structure
25. DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination
26. Transcription and RNA Processing
27. Protein Synthesis
28. Regulation of Gene Expression

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