Foundations of College Chemistry, 15th Edition

ISBN: 9781119083900

Foundations of College Chemistry is praised for its accuracy, clear no-nonsense approach, and direct writing style. Foundations’ direct and straightforward explanations focus on problem solving making it the most dependable text on the market. Its comprehensive scope, proven track record, outstanding in-text examples and problem sets, were all designed to provide your instructors with a solid text that will not overwhelm you in a difficult course.


  • 229 Check Your Understanding Questions appear throughout the text to provide an opportunity for the student to determine their level of understanding for a given concept.
  • 178 Enhanced Examples are provided in WileyPlus provide a one on one learning experience which mimics the assistance an instructor provides in a help session.
  • 131 new Online Learning Module videos which provide a one-on-one learning experience that mimics the assistance an instructor provides in a help section. The videos are paired with in-text examples to provide an alternative way to learn problem-solving.
Morris Hein
Mount San Antonio College

Susan Arena
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Cary Willard
Grossmont College

1. An Introduction to Chemistry
2. Standards for Measurement
3. Elements and Compounds
4. Properties of Matter
5. Early Atomic Theory and Structure
6. Nomenclature of Inorganic Compounds
7. Quantitative Composition of Compounds
8. Chemical Equations
9. Calculations from Chemical Equations
10. Modern Atomic Theory and the Periodic Table
11. Chemical Bonds: The Formation of Compounds from Atoms
12. The Gaseous State of Matter
13. Liquids
14. Solutions
15. Acids, Bases, and Salts
16. Chemical Equilibrium
17. Oxidation-Reduction
18. Nuclear Chemistry
19. Introduction to Organic Chemistry (ONLINE ONLY)
20. Introduction to Biochemistry (ONLINE ONLY)
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