Financial Planning, Essentials Edition

ISBN: 9780730385738

Financial Planning, Essentials Edition delivers concise, relatable, relevant and curriculum-aligned content carefully tailored to first-year undergraduate students.

You will be inspired, rather than saturated, by information on how to advise future clientele about investment decisions throughout their lifetime, and how this advice fits into the broader multi-disciplinary context (tax, psychology, law, accounting, etc.). Financial Planning, Essentials Edition will walk you through the fundamental conceptual and technical information required of financial planners, so that you feel both prepared and enthusiastic about your future career.

This edition also features Wiley’s Future Skills Guide, a unique tool which provides expert and practical advice on career preparedness making for more future-ready graduates.


  • Addressing all the essentials – All the essentials of Financial Planning clearly set out in just 12 chapters. Wiley’s essentials structure is perfect for today’s students who seek concise content presented alongside great examples and cases to ground theory in practical application.
  • Relevance and currency  – Updated case studies, examples, industry insights with content that reflects the dramatic shifts in economic and legislative environments, including the royal commission, COVID-19 market movements, technology, automation and the role of financial planning.  
  • Future Skills Guide  – Unique to Wiley, our Future Skills Guide provides expert and practical advice on career preparedness making you more future-ready.  
Warren McKeown

Mark Olynyk

John Kerry

Lisa Ciancio

Diem La

Chapter 1  Personal financial planning
Chapter 2  Financial planning skills 
Chapter 3  Taxation planning 
Chapter 4  Investment choices
Chapter 5  Fixed interest, shares and property 
Chapter 6  Managed funds, leveraging and buying a house 
Chapter 7  Risk and insurance and insurance
Chapter 8  Superannuation 
Chapter 9  Retirement planning 
Chapter 10  Social security 
Chapter 11  Estate planning 
Chapter 12  Development of a statement of advice 
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Textbook: 9780730385738