Financial Accounting, 11th Australia and New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9781119670926

To understand a business, you have to understand the financial insides of a business organisation. Through a focus on accounting transactions, real-world problem-solving, and engaging industry examples, Weygandt’s Financial Accounting, 11th Australia and New Zealand Edition demonstrates how accounting is an exciting field of study and helps connect core financial accounting concepts to students’ everyday lives and future careers.

Continuing to help students succeed in their introductory financial accounting course for over two decades, this edition brings together the trusted Weygandt, Kimmel, and Kieso reputation with fresh, timely, and accurate updates to help build confidence and engage today’s students.


  • New discussion of data analytics integrated throughout the course provides introductory accounting students with an appropriate introduction to data analytics, relevant to their course.
  • End-of-chapter material now includes Bloom’s Taxonomy codes.
  • “Review and Practice” section now also includes Practice Brief Exercises with detailed solutions to give students more problem-solving support.
Jerry J. Weygandt
Paul D. Kimmel
Donald E. Kieso
Chapter 1. Accounting in Action
Chapter 2. The Recording Process
Chapter 3. Adjusting the Accounts
Chapter 4. Completing the Accounting Cycle
Chapter 5. Accounting for Merchandising Operations
Chapter 6. Inventories
Chapter 7. Fraud, Internal Control and Cash
Chapter 8. Accounting for Receivables
Chapter 9. Plant Assets, Natural Resources and Intangible Assets
Chapter 10. Liabilities
Chapter 11. Corporations: Organisations, Stock Transactions and Stockholders’ Equity
Chapter 12. Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 13. Financial Analysis: The Big Picture
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E-Text: 9781119670926
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