Essentials of International Relations, 8th Edition

ISBN: 9780393675191

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Core concepts with more context.

Essentials of International Relations has long provided the clearest explanations of core concepts and theories; in its Eighth Edition, a fresh perspective renews Karen Mingst’s classic, concise text. With expanded coverage of cybersecurity, refugees, health and the environment, this text asks students to grapple with the big issues of our time. Alongside this is a new chapter on international cooperation and international law which presents alternatives to war, and a streamlined approach to theories and levels of analysis, making concepts easier to understand and apply.


  • Core concepts made even easier to understand and apply: Drawing on her experience teaching a large introductory course at the University of California, Davis, McKibben worked with Mingst on key structural changes that make the text even more accessible.
  • An expanded media package – including InQuizitive – helps students learn, retain and apply: Available only in the print textbook, these study tools help students understand the reading and apply what they’ve learned. This ensures they arrive better prepared for lecture. And assessing students is easy with the variety of activities built specifically to complement the book.
Karen A. Mingst
Heather Elko McKibben
Ivan M. Arreguin-Toft
Chapter 1. Approaches to International Relations
Chapter 2. The Historical Context of Contemporary International Relations
Chapter 3. International Relations Theories
Chapter 4. Levels of Analysis
Chapter 5. The State and the Tools of Statecraft
Chapter 6. War and Security
Chapter 7. International Cooperation and International Law
Chapter 8. International Political Economy
Chapter 9. Intergovernmental Organisations and Nongovernmental Organisations
Chapter 10. Human Rights
Chapter 11. Human Security: Migration, Global Health and the Environment
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