Essentials of International Relations, 7th Edition

ISBN: 9780393283716

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Essentials of International Relations has long provided the clearest explanations of core concepts and theories; in its Seventh Edition, robust new “Behind the Headlines” features and engaging new chapter openers help students more easily draw connections between international relations concepts and today’s political climate.


  • Connects concepts with the real world.
  • Current and engaging topics. Topics include cybersecurity; the environment; gender; ISIS, Boko Haram and terrorism worldwide; Iran’s nuclear programme; and the continued impact of China, India and other nations on the global economy.
  • More teachable than ever. The Norton Coursepack includes chapter outlines, chapter quizzes, simulations and “Behind the Headlines” exercises for additional practice analysing the actors and strategies animating contemporary politics.
Karen A. Mingst

Ivan M. Arreguin-Toft

Chapter 1 Approaches to International Relations

Chapter 2 The historical context of contemporary international relations

Chapter 3 International relations theories

Chapter 4 The international system

Chapter 5 The State

Chapter 6 The Individual

Chapter 7 Intergovernmental organisations, international law, and nongovernmental organisations

Chapter 8 War and strife

Chapter 9 International political economy

Chapter 10 Human rights

Chapter 11 Transnational issues: The environment, global health, and crime

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