Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781118358290

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Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business, 4th Edition is a must-have resource for students who want to succeed in their unit and leave with a rich foundation of knowledge in the area of mathematics for economics and business. The new edition is both practical and comprehensive, and combines an easy to grasp approach to mathematics with applications in economics and business. Whether you have studied this area before or not, this text is suited for students of all levels and has been built up from a low level making it easy for beginners to use this resource for reference and self-study.


Many new features and revisions have been included in the new edition and are designed to engage you throughout your course in a clear and meaningful way. Some of these include new and revised worked examples, the extended use of Excel and progress exercises that contain additional introductory questions.

Problems have been written by specialists to help put the mathematical techniques into a familiar and easy to understand context for students who do not have a strong mathematics background – especially in cases that are common in economics or business scenarios. Selected worked examples have also been animated, which helps to give you a new perspective that is easier for to follow when solving problems.


  • Animated Worked Examples with audio narration help guide students through the selected worked examples, giving them a visual and audio run down of the problem in an easy to follow step-by-step method.
  • Problems in Context explain the mathematical techniques involved in common economics or business problems. These are written by specialists and are intended to put the maths into a familiar context for students whose maths are not strong.
  • Revised and updated Progress Exercises, including additional introductory questions to help students whose maths background is weak.
Teresa Bradley
CHAPTER 1 Mathematical Preliminaries

CHAPTER 2 The Straight Line and Applications

CHAPTER 3 Simultaneous Equations

CHAPTER 4 Non-linear Functions and Applications

CHAPTER 5 Financial Mathematics

CHAPTER 6 Differentiation and Applications

CHAPTER 7 Functions of Several Variables

CHAPTER 8 Integration and Applications

CHAPTER 9 Linear Algebra and Applications

CHAPTER 10 Difference Equations

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